Baptisms & Confirmation


Holy Baptism.

We are delighted if you are considering baptising your child at St Paul's Church Rawtenstall. Baptism is a way to thank God for the life of your child; whilst acknowledging that you wish to bring up your child as a Christian and to seek the support of the church.

If you are a parent, or a prospective god parent, and want to find out more about Holy Baptism, the service and what is involved then please visit the Church of England website.

If you wish to arrange a service for the baptism of your child at St Paul's please contact the Vicar, Chris Casey, to arrange a inital visit.



If you wish to explore confirmation, the Reverend will invite you to attend a local course to give you the opportunity to explore your faith with others who are also considering conformation before committing your life to be a disciple of Christ.

Enquiries from adults who have not been baptised are welcome, as are requests for Confirmation from candidates who are aged 11 and over.

If you wish to find out more about confirmation please visit the Church of England website, or contact the Vicar, Chris Casey.